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Q: How many wraps come in a set of nail wrapz?

A: You get 40 pieces with each set.  We have 10 sizes and you get 4 of each conveniently cut out for ease of application.


Q: Can I use the wraps on my toes?

A: Yes!  Nail Wrapz are too large for most small toes but you can easily trim them to do your toes.


Q: How many manicures and pedicures can I get with one set of Nail Wrapz?

A: With one set you will get 40 precut wraps which is enough for at least 2 manicures, 2 pedicures, and extras for accent nails.


Q: Can I put clear nail polish over Nail Wrapz?

A: Yes!  There is a clear layer over the print of your Nail Wrapz.  That makes it scratch and chemical resistant so while you don’t have to put polish over top you won’t hurt them by doing so.


Q: I am having a hard time with wrinkles what can I do?

A: Remember that nails curve in two directions at the same time.  What that means is if you have a lot of curve to your nail you will need to heat and stretch more than on your nails that are flat.  Always be sure to start with a clean nail (clean with alcohol) and use pressure and heat.  It can take some patience but is pretty easy when mastered.


Q: Should I register for an account?

A: Yes!  You don’t have to but if you create an account we give you an automatic discount.  After you buy a few wraps you get an even greater discount!


Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: We ship every weekday except for holidays.  If your order is placed before 4pm Central time it will ship that same day.  Most locations are 2-3 business days to get the item.


Q: I want a custom set nail wrapz can you do that?

A: Yes!  We are happy to make you a custom set of wrapz.  You can customize the wrapz we have designed or start from scratch or send us an image.


Q: If I like a wrap but want different colors can I get that?

A: Of course!  We love our designs but we love our customer more and will make anything you want.


Q: How do I get the 4th set of wrapz free?  I don’t see a coupon code.

A: Just add it to the cart!  Whether you are a guest or a bronze, silver, or gold member all you have to do is add 4 items to the cart and the discount will automatically show up.  No code needed.


Q: I got a coupon code where do I put it?

A: There is a place to put your code on the checkout page.


Q: Wait there are coupon codes?  How do I get one?

A: Coupons are often emailed with our newsletter or posted on facebook.  Sometimes we send coupons to our customers and sometimes we donate coupons to silent auctions.  Basically stay in touch with us and we will make sure you know about promotions.


Q: Do you offer wholesale lots for my salon, store, etc.?

A: Yes! Bulk orders are available just contact us for more information.


Q: I want to sell these at my schools booster club can we make a custom and still get bulk pricing?

A: No matter what you want them for we are happy to produce these for you and give bulk pricing.


Q: Where are Nail Wrapz made?

A: We make Nail Wrapz in the USA and source as many materials as we can that are also made in the USA.