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Thank you for your interest in - the best way to do your nails.  Our wraps include 40 pieces, which is enough for 2 manicures, 2 pedicures, and bonus accent nails.  Our process uses state of the art printing with a clear scratch resistant layer on top of the best materials available, giving you a nail wrap that looks great and lasts.  The secret is the heat and pressure activated adhesive on the wraps that seals the wrap to your nails.

For best results follow all instructions.  Don’t worry it is easy, but takes a few words to explain.

Items you will need:

Nail Wrapz Sheet

Nail File

Rubber Cuticle Pusher

Rubbing Alcohol

Tweezers (optional)

Nail Trimmers (optional)

Hair Dryer (or other heat source)


Brief Version (keep scrolling for the long version):

  1. Remove cuticles (optional)
  2. Clean nails with alcohol - this step is vital
  3. Choose size – trimming may be needed
  4. Crack and peel at center
  5. Grab with tweezers or fingers and peel off
  6. Heat wrap
  7. Align on fingernail and press firmly in the center then down the sides
  8. Bend excess over the tip and gently file away
  9. Repeat on all desired nails
  10. Heat again to set

Long Version:

  1. Nail Wrapz will not seal to cuticles or skin and should only be applied to the nail.  If you have visible cuticles, you can use a rubber cuticle pusher to push back the cuticle so you can trim them.  If you have ridges on your nail, you can also buff them smooth to give your wrap the best chance to last.
  2. Clean nails with rubbing alcohol – don’t skip this step if you want them to stick for more than a day or two.  Lotions, soap residues, and oils from your fingers will make it harder for the wrap to stick. 
  3. Nail Wrapz are on a clear backing to allow you to easily choose which wrap will best fit your finger.  Simply lay the wrap over your finger to see which one you need.  If needed you can trim these to size before or after peeling.  Small toe nails should be cut from larger wraps and many users can get all of their small toes out of the largest wrap by cutting them to size.
  4. We have designed Nail Wrapz to be easy to install so all you have to do is bend the center of the sheet and the wrap is precut for you.  Bending it will release the edge off the sheet and you can peel it away.  It is safe to touch the flat edge, even the sticky side, as long as you don’t touch past the waste part that will be filed away.
  5. Once the flat edge starts to peel grab it with your tweezers or fingers taking care to only touch the wasted part with fingers.
  6. Use your hair dryer (or other heat source) to heat up the wrap a little bit.  If it starts to curl, you used too much heat.  This step will help in stretching the wrap onto nails with large curves.
  7. Align the wrap to the fingernail to which it will be applied.  Be sure to only put it on your nail and not on your skin or cuticle.  Nail Wrapz will not seal to your cuticle or skin so it will severely limit the durability of your wrap.  Once you have the wrap centered on your nail use pressure in the center of your nail then work each direction down your nail.  Use plenty of pressure here with your finger or your rubber cuticle pusher.  If you have wrinkles you can’t get out with your finger or the rubber cuticle pusher, it needs to be stretched.  This can be done with heat and tweezers although be careful as tweezers can damage the wrap.
  8. Bend the excess over the tip of your nail and now you can either trim your nail and wrap together with nail clippers or simply file off the excess.  If you are going to file take care to only file at a 90 degree angle and only downwards.  Filing aggressively or filing upwards can cause the wrap to peel back off.
  9. Repeat on all desired nails, mix and match with other wraps or polish for even more fun.
  10. When you are done heat up all of your nails with your heat source to set them.  Remember the pressure and heat are the secret so make sure to use them.


Our FAQ page has additional tips and tricks.  If you have questions that aren’t answered contact us we are happy to hear from you.


A few other things you should know:

Nail Wraps are safe to use but are not intended to be eaten.  Please do not eat them nor bite your nails while wearing them.  Virtually no one is allergic to Nail Wrapz, however, in rare cases the adhesive can cause irritation to your skin.  You should not install Nail Wrapz on your skin.  If you do have any irritation, discontinue use and wash with soap and water.  This is extremely rare but we will happily refund your money if it happens to you.